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Flour Flavor Wraps and Jerk Chicken Dinners

Delicious Food


Welcome to Tropical Jerk Hut and Wraps
Serve Fresh food with Perfect taste
With an earnest passion to serve great food, we ensure value for your money by providing consistency in taste, service, quality & quantity. Our menu is created giving more emphasis on wraps, potato salad, jerk dinner, soup (Seasonal) and paninis.
Healthy and Tasteful Food
We aim to convey our passion for Caribbean food in a way which gives you a perfect taste. Every dish is carefully prepared by keeping the customer in mind. We care about serving great-tasting food that has the right balance of health and nutrition benefits.
Delicious, well-
prepared Flour Flavor Wrap
We believe you don’t need to sacrifice your health to get a quick, tasty meal. That’s why we have started with our unique Jerk chicken and wraps served with our savory sauces. It’s a wrap fresh off the grill.
Jerk Chicken Dinners.
All our meats and veggie fillings are grilled right in front of you, which not only looks and smells great but also helps in retaining the original nutritional values and flavors of the ingredients. This is what attracts all the food lovers.
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